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14 Days of Valentine Love

February is fast approaching and I thought I’d share our plans for Valentines Day.  Maybe, I should clarify.  14 Days of Valentines.  This isn’t your typical candy heart variety of Valentines.  It’s 14 activities that you can do with your family to promote love and appreciation.  The older our kids get the more we realize that it’s not the gifts or handouts they remember but the experiences.  So here are some hands-on Valentine fun – In random order.

Day 1:  Set up a Valentine Station like this one by RibbonWoodCottage. 


You could even have pre-addressed cards to grandparents, cousins, and far-away friends.  Then, when-ever someone get’s a hankering to spread some love, everything is ready to go.

Day 2: Surprise someone with a Paper Heart Attack.  The non-lethal kind where you cut out and decorate paper hearts and then go stick them to a friendly someone’s door, like this one over at A Mom Knows.


Day 3:  Have Dinner by Candlelight.  Pull out your fine china, dress up the table and have dinner by candlelight.

Day 4: Go on a Heart Walk.  I love this idea.  Go on a walk and look for heart shaped rocks like all of these people over HERE.


Find that local rocky beach or river walk and see how easy it is to find these rocks of love.  The point being is that when you look for love, you’ll be surprised at how quickly you find it.  That and walking is good for your heart too.

Day 5:  Plant a Giving Tree.  Read ‘The Giving Tree’ by Shel SilverStein.


I love this book.  It’s so appropriate for Valentines Day too.  Follow-up your read by planting an apple seed and placing it in a sunny window. Potato Wings tells you how over here at Instructables.


Day 6:  Make Valentines for all your friends at school or work.  Don’t wait until the night before.  Start now.  Pinterest and Blogland are covered with so many fun and easy ideas for making valentines I’ll leave this one open for you to research.  I did find these goofy ones you could give co-workers over HERE. 

Superhero Valentine 7

Day 7:  Valentine Movie Marathon.  Watch your favorite movies about Love.  Here are some of our family’s favorites. 


The Princess Bride, Up, Wall-E, Ever After, Stardust, Shrek, Anastasia, Rapunzel, Lady and the Tramp, Enchanted, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, etc. 

Day 8:  Don’t Eat Cupid.  This is a fun version of the Don’t Eat Santa game.  Sugardoodle has a version and instructions HERE.


Day 9:  Have Secret Cupid Come. 


I loved this idea over at How Does She.  Print up some hearts and hand them out to your family.  How Does she has some fun ideas of secret service you can give each other.  Love it.

Day 10:  Bake Heart Shaped Cookies.  It’s time to head for the kitchen.  Bake your favorite sugar cookie, decorate them and share with your neighbors.

Day 11:  Decorate Valentine Shirts for the family.  Here are a couple of cute ideas.  For the Girls you can check out Adoily-able t-shirt over at Spoonful HERE.


And not to forget the boys, BeDifferentActNormal has some fun ideas HERE.

tow truck valentine

Day 12:  Valentine Theater.  Dress up for an evening at the live theater.  Live theater performed in your very own home, that is. Starring your family.

Make this cute Valentine Theater found Here.


You may want to pre-make this one.  Then have your kids help make some valentine puppets like these found HERE.


You may want to make them a bit smaller than explained in this post, but I love the idea.  Then let the kids plan a puppet show and put it on for the family.

Day 13:  Love Potion Number 9

Mommy by Day, Crafter By Night has 14 Day’s of Valentine Printables.  I happen to love her day 4 HERE.

14 days of valentines Love potion

To include the family in the Activity.  Have them help make these potions.  Another fun idea would be to have them make a berry smoothie with their favorite red berries.

Day 14:  Make a 14 little booklet like this one.   Make one for each member of the family.   I stuck to 14 pages because we have a large herd.  Just use Cardstock and Ring Clips.


Again, involve the whole family.  Supply stickers, decorative paper, glue sticks and colored pens and have them write/decorate something they love about each other in that persons specific book. 


Craftster had some cute ideas of what to put in the book.  Check them out HERE. 

Other ideas include: 

Have a Valentine’s day Tea with heart shaped sandwiches and scones. 

Make Friendship Bracelets. 

Leave Secret Admirer notes to your local service providers thanking them for the admirable way they do their job.

Sing Sweetheart songs at your local nursing home.

Listen to Love Songs All Day

Paint your Fingernails for the Heart Holiday.

Push back the furniture and ballroom dance to love songs. 

And so much more.

Just Remember this year and Always.  Love is spelled T-I-M-E!


You can find this download HERE.

Tootles, FawnDear

P.S.  Special Thanks to my Prince Erik who started this whole  14 day idea years ago.  See HERE.

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