Saturday, July 3, 2010

Pre-teen Spa Day for Day Camp

This week I hosted the final day for a ‘Just for Girls’ Day Camp.  ‘Just for Girls’  was basically put together by some amazing mom’s in my area – Just Because.  Because we love our girls and also because we can’t afford some of the pricier camp options out there.

So on the appointed day I hosted 20+ wee little Preteen Girls (8-12 yr.)  Let me tell you this.

My home was not built to hold that many people.  But we managed.

The theme for the day was SPA day.  A little pampering to reward the girls for a really fun week.

I divided the girls up into 3 groups of 7-8 girls per group then had three different stations set up around my house.  Each group was led by one of the girls moms – Yeah Mom’s.  I allotted 40 minutes per station.

The Front Room (Station 1)was the ‘Fancy Feet’ location, where the darlings got to soak their feet in ‘Sweet Orange Bath Salts.’

Sweet Orange Bath Salt Recipe

1 cup Epsom salt

¼ cup sea salt

2 Tablespoons of baking soda

1 Tablespoon oatmeal

1 tsp glycerin (found at Rite-Aid and Wal-Mart)

3 drops of Sweet Orange Essential Oil

A couple drops of red food coloring.

3-4 drops of yellow food coloring.

Mix it all up.

If you double the recipe it will make enough for each of the girls (per group) to fill a personal dose to take home and leave enough for the group for their foot soak.

Station 2 was ‘Beauty’s Kitchen.’  Here they got to create the bath salt concoction that they soaked their feet in. 

Spring 2089

I found these sweet heart containers at my local dollar store (4 per package) and they were perfect for showing off their creation.

Spring 2092

We also made Sparkle Lotion.  What girl doesn’t love a little glitter.  Again using containers from the $1 store as well.   There were 6 containers per package.  We filled each jar 2/3rds full of a basic lotion and added a pinch of non-toxic fine glitter.

Spring 2098

I was able to find some sweet miniature popsicle sticks that the girls used to mix their Sparkly Brew.

Spring 2101

And guess what?  I was able to use my beloved fairy measuring spoons to do the job.  A Pinch was the perfect amount of glitter.

Spring 2104

Station 3 was going to be perfect. The Butterfly Station. Earlier in the week I started to set up an outdoor Spa Room.

Mother Nature apparently forgot it is supposed to be summer and she sent cool, misty showers and clouds.  So I took over another room of the house, threw down a few armful’s of blankets, and we had our for Facial Room.

Spring 2061

First the girls made a yummy Chocolate Face Mask – Recipe found on this amazing site below.  And yes, we put cucumber slices on their eyes. – They LOVED it!

Spa Directory by Guide to Day Spas and Stay Spas






Here’s the yummy-nummy recipe I found there.  Click HERE.

Spring 2060

I refuse to tell you how many of the girls had to try tasting their masks.  One even went so far as to use the cucumber to try and scrape it off her face.  ‘’Shiver.’’ You could definitely tell the girls were loving the pampering.

In addition to the Bath Salt and Sparkle Lotion, we gave the girls a little Manicure set.   Did I mention I loved the $1 store.  Well I do.  Over-all It came to around $3 per girl.  Not too shabby, if I say so myself.  Would have been more but I already had all the foot soak tubs and washcloths.  See, there are some benefits to hoarding craft supplies.

Confession.  Here’s my Fail, or not completed project that I wanted to make for the girls.  I bought a fluffy beach towel for $6.99 and one tee-shirt for $2.  And then I cut out a simple eye cover pattern.  I already had the ribbon so I wanted to make each of the girls a sleep mask.  I only used half the towel and could have probably got another 10 pieces of material out of the tee shirt.  All-in-all I cut out enough for 24 girls.

I was going to serge the front sides together with the ribbons pinned inside.  However when I flipped it right side out – it looked dreadful.  I mean really dreadful.   So bad I refuse to show you a pathetic picture.  Seeing that I saved this project for the last minute I decided to scrap it.  Didn’t throw away all the material.  May try it again later and put a biased tape edge around the outside.  Don’t know.  But I was a bit miffed by the fail.   Other than that, which I didn’t tell the little campers about,  the girls had a blast.  Or at least I think they did.

So after the Spa Day was over I grabbed my little 4 year old, who was omitted from the festivities because of her activity and attentive skills level.  Together we collapsed on the couch and indulged together in all the left-over’s. 

Ahhhh,  Just what I needed.


Richins Family said...

Just love it. Did you donate the costs for the day, or did you get refunded from Activity Days. So sweet of you. Sounds like a blast. What were some of the other days that you did? I am in charge of Activity Days here and would love to try something like this. I only hope I could get some Mom's to volunteer to help. You are very talented Fawndear.
All my love,

I-got-the-notion said...

I tagged your blog with "The Versatile Blog" award, but I couldn't find an email address on your blog, so check out my blog for the info and button.