Thursday, January 28, 2010

Repurposed Spice Rack

Well hello there.  I’m finally back (sorry it’s been so long) and have so many fun tutorials coming up with Mommy Blessings.   But first I just have to share with you my latest repurposed project.  Introducing my Do-It box.

Winter 350

This Darling Spice rack came into my life as I was browsing the local thrift store.  It was screaming at me to re-do it.  So I plunked down $5 (half off sale) and took it home.

Winter 221  

The faux stained glass effect was a little dated, okay the color of the leaves gave me the shudders, and I really wanted to lighten the whole box up.

Winter 314

So using one of those Razor-scraping tools (the real name escapes me at the moment), I scraped the design off the glass.

Winter 313

Then lightly sanded the whole box, inside out,  and upside down. 

  Winter 316

After wiping it off with a slightly damp cloth I painted two coats of Antique White Acrylic Paint over every nook and cranny. 

 Winter 322

Then sealed it with a acrylic friendly varnish.

 Winter 338

Once again I used that razor dilly-whooper to scrape the excess dried paint off the glass.

 Winter 342

Then I just had to add a cute vinyl saying I found at my local craft store.  Of course I followed the instructions on the vinyl instruction sheet to apply the letters to the glass.  It involved some rubbing with a popsicle stick and a bit of peeling backing.  Nothing too hard.

 Winter 346 

Now in truth the real reason I purchased the spice race was because I fell in love with it’s darling bottles.  And seeing that my husband uses a bazillion spices cause he loves to cook, and he can (thank goodness); I knew all those spices wouldn’t fit into the 12 darling bottles that came with the spice box.  Soooooo, I filled them with beads.

Winter 231

And I love it. Of course you could fill the bottles, with buttons, glitter, office supplies like thumbtacks and paper clips and even spices.  Whatever little itty-bitty thing you can think of that needs a home.   Or forget the bottles and use it as a shadow box display case to show off some valued keepsakes.

Winter 359

I picked beads and now I have a fun holder with which to hold all the little gems that I’ve been making these fun bracelets with.

I have a feeling that Thrifty Thursdays might be a reoccurring event here at Mommy Blessings.  Don’t you just love giving new life to an out-dated, worn-out, hunk of potential?  I do.