Friday, May 1, 2009

Pixie Dust Necklace Tutorial

‘Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust.’

You don’t need much more than that to add a smile to your day. I made these sweet little Pixie Dust Necklaces for my girls for a dime (literally).


My inspiration. The little water filled tubes that you find stuck on the end of roses purchased from your local floral store.


I just went in to my local florist and asked if I could buy some of the little floral vials from them and the sweet lady sold them to me for around 10 cents each. The rest of the supplies I had at home.

Ribbons, beads, charms, acorn caps, glitter, flowers, and stickers. You can use about whatever your imagination allows you to come up with.


The tops of the vials are rubbery with a little hole perfect for feeding some ribbon through.

So I measured some ribbon to the desired length on my girls. Making sure I left enough room so that they could slip it over their heads.


You can feed both ends of the ribbon through the top and tie a knot. Then pull snug. If you pull to hard it might pop out. A little glue will help it a bit.


To make it even more secure then tie a bead to the bottom part. That way it won’t pull through.


You can add beads to your ribbon before you thread it through the hole or take additional ribbon, bead it then tie it around your neck lengh ribbon just above the vial’s lid.


Next decorate your lid using clear drying craft glue. You could use seashells…


acorns tops…


moss and charms…


Once your lids are done and the glue is dried. Add a little bit of glitter to the beaker, fill and label with stickers.


Then watch the little faces light up when you give them their very own magical necklace.


Beware you may be finding glitter everywhere in your home for the next couple of weeks.


Happy Magical Crafting.

Here are some of the Pixie Dust Necklaces that the girls and I decorated.