Sunday, August 2, 2009

Card Table Redo

Is your old card table to embarrassing to pull out anymore. Can’t put it up without a tablecloth to hid the months or years of abuse. Why not give it a new life. It really is too simple. (Please ignore the mess on the floor, it was one of those days.)

Summer 1032

From old to new in less than two hours.

Summer 1059

I just happened to have a couple of card tables that had seen better days. My mom gave me this idea after she refinished hers. I love her round card table. Wish I would have taken a picture of it. Anyway, I of course, couldn’t resist recovering my tables and hopefully giving them a few more years of service.

Supplies needed. *Pliers or Screwdriver (depending on how your table is put together *A staple gun with 1/4 inch staples *Fabric design of your choice (Mine was a thrifted sheet that matched a bookcase cover and box that I decorated for my art studio) *16 gauge clear vinyl (from a roll) at the fabric store (two yards were what I got to cover two tables) * Scissors.

Detach the table top from the legs by taking out the screws or bolts on the underside of the table.

Summer 1040

Remove the old vinyl covering and staples.

Summer 1043

Wipe down your board and then place it right side down on top of the clear vinyl and wrong side up material.

TIP: When purchasing the vinyl ask the sales lady to roll it up instead of fold it. It might be long and awkward to hold but won’t get any creases. Also make sure your material is ironed or free from wrinkles.

Summer 1044

Using the staple gun adhere the material and vinyl to the board. I started with one side then added a few alternating staples to the other three sides. All the while making sure to pull the material and vinyl taunt. Then just continue stapling the cover to the wood, easing in the corners.

Summer 1046

Then using the screw or bolts reattach the tabletop to it’s base. Ta-Da!

Summer 1052

The material I used happened to match my craft room. That way when I have friends over I can pull out the extra tables for even more work room. And if my husband needs to borrow them for camping or boys stuff, well then he’ll have to use the old tablecloth to cover my flowers.

Note: I didn’t refinish the paint on my tables legs but it’s easy to do. Now that I’m thinking about it… I might go back and give it a nice blue or white finish. To do this you would need to take off the table top. Then clean the legs and sides with a mild soapy water. Use some steel wool to take rust spots off the metal, then lightly sand. Wipe down the metal to remove shavings then spray with a special spray paint made specifically for metal that is rust resistant. You will probably need a couple of coats. Once it’s dry, reattach the top and you have a good as new – tailored to fit your style - card table. Too easy and twice as much fun to look at.