Monday, June 22, 2009

Fairy Wings Tutorial

With Mid-Summers Eve and Fairy Day being only 2 days away the glitter if flowing freely at our home. I ventured out trying to find my girls some fairy wings and ended up with nothing after visiting four different party/costume stores. Soooooo we made our own.

I found them simple enough to do although the decorating took a while to finish.

Summer 064

List of Supplies Needed:

4 wire coat hangers,

Duct Tape,

2 pair of tights or sheer toe nylons. Queen size works best and leaves for fuller, plumper wings. The wings shown here used a size B Nylon and the wings turned out a little bit skinner than I had originally imagined them. I’m now going to make an effort to look at the fun designs they often sell on holiday tights to see what marvelous wing designs they would make.

Modge Podge and paintbrush,


Not pictured but also needed,

1/2 inch wide elastic,

Safety Pin

Pliers for helping bend the wire.

Other items you could consider using are acrylic paints,

Flowers and the wire to wrap them,

Possible a glue gun if you don’t want to wrap your flowers with wire.

Extra embellishments for your wings, jewels, flowers, ribbon, leaves. Ohhh too much fun.

Summer 055

Straighten all four hangers then twist the ends like shown.

Wrap a small piece of duct take around the ends to help hold them securely.

Shape your four pieces creating two identical but flipped top pieces and like-wise for the remaining two lower butterfly pieces. Sorry they are hard to see in the picture.

Using more duct tape attach a top piece to a bottom piece. Do not attach all four at once.

Summer 059

Once those two pieces are together feed the leg of one tight or nylon over one of the frames. Cut the tights at appropriate length and then tie the ends.

Summer 060

Repeat the process with the other wire frame. After you have covered all four frames use duct tape to secure both halves.

Hey, they are already starting to look like fairy wings. Now it’s time to decorate.

Paint stripes of Modge-Podge where you want the glitter pixie dust to adhere to your wings.

Summer 067

Sprinkle on the glitter.

Summer 069

Tap it off and enjoy the sparkles.

Want to try something different. Pull out your acrylic paints.

Summer 099

Choose the dominant color you want featured and liberally apply it around the entire edges of all the wings.

Have your heavier concentration of color on the inside of the wing and work outward using finer strokes.

Experiment with layering colors… or paint veins.

Once again, your imagination is the limit.

Once the wings are dried. Measure 1/2 inch wide elastic in a figure 8 around shoulders of intended fairy child to get the right length.

Summer 108

Secure the elastic in it’s shape with a safety pin.

Now attach the elastic to the side of the fairy wings that will touch the back with, can you guess? – Duct tape.

Summer 111

I used colored matching duct tape and even though it looked fine it looks even better if you wire wrap some flowers of the middle of the wings.

That’s it, now your fairies are ready to fly.

And no one will be the wiser that you made them yourself.

Summer 118

Now I’ve just got to make some wings for me. So I can fly with my girls.

Summer 144

Here are some other similar sites with slightly different ways to make very similar wings.

Threadbanger has a fun You-tube tutorial for making your own wings. Click on the picture to catch the link.

recycled fairy wings

Wiki-How also has a How to Make Fairy wings article. Click on the picture to see their instructions.


Enjoy dressing your little fairy.


fairychildheirlooms said...

adorable! I still need to make our wings for tomorrow.
:) Missy

LiEr said...

Wonderful! Found your tutorial via One Crafty Place today. LOVE the wings! So much better than the store-bought ones. I MUST try them someday - I won't be able to make it for midusmmer's, but maybe halloween! Thank you! Thank you!

Jane said...

Oh I love these. I wish I had seen them earlier they would have been so fun to make for fairy day : ) Will have to do them next year!

Cocukla Cocuk said...

these wings are so beautiful. I want to try for my girl. I will let you know when i made the wings.

Sarah @ Different Dog said...

Okay great! Now I have to make fairy wings for everyone! LOVE IT!!!!

The Magic Onions said...

Wow... what a wonderful post for little ones... I'd be honored if you would post it on my 'Friday's Nature Table' post today.
Blessings and magic.

Beth said...

Hello! I'm trying to reach you to request permission to feature your tutorial and one image on our site. Could you please email me for details? I can't find your email address or contact info on your site.

Thank you! This is a lovely tutorial.
beth (at) sewmamasew (dot) com

Jacqui said...

Oh you can absolutely tell you didn't buy those at a store - they're a million times nicer! Seriously wow. As soon as my daughter's awful pink sequined ones die I'm going to make her a much nicer set using your tutorial :) Thanks!

Skooks said...

Adorable! My daughter loves playing dress up.

Melanie Schulenberg said...

This is SO clever!

Mirian said...

Wonderful!I love these.Thank you for tutorial.

Jillian said...

These would look fantastic with my tutus! don't you think?
I'm going to try a pair!

Jillian said...

These would look fantastic with my tutus! don't you think?
I'm going to try a pair!

Megan said...

we made these over spring break with some cousins! so fun! thanks for sharing!

Kathryn said...

Brilliant tute. I'm definitely going to be doing these at my daughter's birthday party in July. Love them!

Jen said...

Oh my goodness- these are just gorgeous! My daughter is having a fairy party in a week- i might just have to make some wings! :)

Creative and Curious Kids!

Rose :: said...

oh so gorgeous!

please do add this wonderful tutorial to our DIY Craft TUTORIAL linky party:

it would be so timely if you'd do this. many other fairies can be born this way, within.... just days!!

Jenn said...

Would love love love to feature this fairy wing tutorial!!

Was wondering if I can include it in my free crafts ebook I'm putting together for (site not yet set-up, just temporary site in place for contest)? It will be given away for free to visitors of the site to receive it to their email, not sold or displayed publicly, and I want some really great tutorials to put in there. I'll certainly give you credit for it and happy to even put your blog link in there too! :)

Would that be okay? Please email me!!

Thanks a million!
Jenn Spencer

Julia aka Mersea said...

How would you make them bigger for an adult faerie?

fawndear said...

Same principle applies to larger wings, but instead of using coat hangers use some 16 gauge wire (I think) that can be found in 25-50 ft. coils at most Home Improvement Stores (Home Depot, Loews, etc) Less than $6 per coil, if I remember right. Then just be sure and find the largest size nylons you can to put over your frames.

thinkCara said...

Awesome! Thank you. My 12 yr olds a a friend made their own wings today thanks to this post. :)

Anonymous said...

Great idea with the elastic! Thanks for a great post!

The Crafty Artisan said...

I have posted this as the "Tutorial of the Day" on my blog, The Crafty Artisan. I posted a photo and a link so my blog followers will be directed to your web site.

Sew Flippin Cool said...

I've included your post in a featured list on fairy princess parties on my blog, The Handmade Experiment. Check it out and thanks for the great inspiration!


kasia said...

These are really great! We have some bought ones and it was making me nuts that the glitter stuff was just everywhere. I sealed the " pixie dust" with clear glue. It worked very well. Thank you for sharing. I guess I have to get some red stockings as my daughter would like to be a lady bug:)

kasia said...

These are really great! We have some bought ones and it was making me nuts that the glitter stuff was just everywhere. I sealed the " pixie dust" with clear glue. It worked very well. Thank you for sharing. I guess I have to get some red stockings as my daughter would like to be a lady bug:)

imogenna said...

My daughter is dressing up as a snowflake for her winter play at school, With snowflake designs, these will be perfect with her dress!!! I'm so excited!! Thank you so much for this!

Barba said...

This is great, I've just finished my own set of fairy wings. Looking forward to use them for Fastelavn.

pinkly said...

great tut! thanks :)

wooden coat hangers said...

These wing are soooo cute!!! What a great idea and you made it happen, you are so handy, too! =)

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU! Great instructions. Couldn't find stockings in the stores so I used clear plastic garbage bags & 3M 77 spray adhesive. Lay out plastic, spray with adhesive &top with another piece of plastic. Trim when dry. Even recycled some plastic sheeting that had been used to contain a pallet of mulch. It looks nice &vein-like

fawndear said...

Great suggestion! I'll have to try that.

Kostüm said...

This looks great. It suits my idea for this Halloween Season for my younger sister. Thanks for sharing.

Von said...

OMG! I just love the wings thank you so much for posting the instructions. You are so talented!! Great craft project to do with my nieces. Thanks a million

stepfordska-supruga-en said...

Thank you for this great tutorial, I have used it in making a costume with wings. I've described it here:

angelfire said...

Can you make wings with out wire Don't have any hanger trying to make wings for a 6 month old any help would be appreciated