Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Recycled Crafts

Happy Earth Day.  I thought it might be fun to share some fun recycled craft and decorating ideas found in blog land.  These are not only earth friendly but something fun you can do as a family. 

We all know those dreaded plastic bags at the grocery store are not the most ideal things to use.  But if your like me and you keep forgetting to take your reusable bag into the store with you, sometimes acquiring them just happens.  So what to do with all those bags.

My Recycled Bags shows you how to make Plarn (plastic bag yarn) out of those bags.  Click Here to see this simple and easy Tutorial.

Once you have your Plarn you can go to town (especially if you have knitting or crocheting skills).

plastic market bag

My Recycled Bags also give wonderful patterns from anything from doormats to Market bags like this on HERE.  Or try Holli Friedland’s tote bag tutorial found HERE.

plarn totebag

Or using the plastic netting found on some produce you could even make scrubbies for your kitchen sink like these HERE.

plastic scrubbie 

The Lucky Ladybird shares this fun tutorial (HERE) on turning your Plastic Grocery bags into a fun basket. 

bag basket

Want to re-use those plastic bags without making the plarn?  Try fusing them together.  Amanda over at Etsy Labs give you a a lesson on fusing plastic bags tutorial HERE.

And once you’ve learned how to do that you can make all sorts of goodies like this adorable creation by  jmesdiylounge found on Craftster.  See her Extreme Plastic Bag Makeover tutorial HERE.

mickey fused bag

Or you could try your hand at something similar to this cute tote by the fabulous Betz White.  This lady is amazing she makes rain hats and much more from fused bags.

 fused bag

I was thinking this technique would be perfect for reusable school lunch bags, hats, possibly even a little raincoat.

Looking for something fun to do without using the plastic?

Making friends dot com has a fun craft your kids will love using a cardboard roll (from wrapping paper) and some tinfoil and popcorn kernels (the unpopped ones at the bottom of the bag if your really into recycling).  See their Rainstick instructions HERE.


Or try this I spy Treasure Bottle craft found over at Family Fun HERE.

I spy bottle

I’m all about re-purposing clothes.  You can do it too.  Make a simple field bag like White Oak School shows HERE.

fieldbag tutorial

Recycled Crafts dot com is a wonderful blog devoted to sharing a variety of repurposed crafts.  Check them out you won’t be disappointed. 

I’m using my son’s destroyed vinyl blinds as plant markers this year because of this tutorial HERE by Julie Finn.

vinyl plant markers.

Other excellent blogs that help you with recycled crafts.

Happy Green Crafting!


michellejohnnie said...

Great ideas! I will have to check out the ideas for the plastic bags I get from the store!

Dawn said...

What great ideas i love the scrubbies.

Urban Sustainable said...

There is a MUCH easier way to make plarn than the "loop" method. A cool way to fold a bag and then cut it so it quickly ends up in one very, very, very long, continuous strand of plarn. Check out my blog at:
There is a how-to links section, with several links to others' instructions on this method. I still think I can show how to do it better than the linked sites, but I haven't made a YouTube video yet. Working on it!

Thanks for checking out my blog and learning an easier way to make plastic bag crochet PLARN.

The lucky ladybird said...

Thanks so much for including my basket weaving tutorial in your post! I've been experimenting with bag fusing too, I'll be writing a post on it soon on