Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Easter Crafts on a Budget

It’s almost here and I thought I’d share some wonderful Easter Crafts that you can make at home instead of breaking the bank and buying.

Need some last minute ideas that won’t leave you seeing red in your checkbook. Check out what Deborah Taylor-Hough wrote in The Simple Mom about Frugal Easter Basket Ideas. I’m loving the idea of using homemade cookies and candies.

abstract eggs

Cheri’s Fabulous Living has a great post on a variety of ways you can decorate your eggs. (Without a kit). Click HERE to see all her wonderful suggestions.

natural egg dyes

Want to use some fabulous natural egg dyes. Then check out what Better Homes and Gardens have to recommend HERE.

fabric eggs

Tired of your plastic eggs falling apart and the kids losing the pieces. Try this simple, yet adorable tutorial from Retro Mama. Click HERE to see how she made them.

Go the extra step and make some fabric eggs that you can hide treasures in.

fillable fabric eggs

One Inch World gives you the pattern and instructions to make these fillable soft eggs HERE. Just think of the tiny treasure they can hold. And unlike plastic – they will last a lot longer and can be re-used year after year.

felt jelly beans

Want more fun to put in your Easter baskets? Try these fabulous jelly bean beanbags are the creative idea of the multi-talented The Purl Bee. Click HERE to see her tutorial.

Can’t find your old baskets or forgot to purchase them at after Easter Clearance sales last year – then pull out your fabric scraps and try your hand at these charming basket.

fabric basket

Make a Fabulous Fabric Easter Basket by following these wonderful tutorial HERE created by Vanessa of V and Co. over at the Moda Bakeshop.

Need something a bit quicker. Decorate an old ice cream bucket, flower pot, sand pail, or even an upside down Easter bonnet for holding your basket goodies.

easter cans

Or try decorating old food or coffee can’s like BH&G did HERE.

Thrifty Fun readers made some more wonderful suggestions on ways you can save money on Easter. Be sure and check those out HERE.

Happy Crafting Holiday!

Have any more thrifty holiday decorating, or gift ideas? Be sure and let us know in your comments.


Katie said...

i wanted one of those egg wreaths, but didn't want to buy one, so with a leftover tinfoil pizza pan and 48 plastic eggs and leftover grass from years ago, i have my own wreath!

Tink said...

Beautiful! I was gazing upon more than one suggestion! great ideas.