Saturday, March 14, 2009

Make an Irish Blessing Box

So I’ve been getting a wee bit carried away with my wood-burning tool kit. After the success of burning words into the wands my girls and I crafted, I really wanted to make another Leprechaun Treasure Box using the same technique. So I Googled some Irish blessings and quotes and also some designs.
This is the quote I decided to use on this box.
May God grant you always…
A Sunbeam to warm you,
A Moonbeam to charm you,
And a sheltering Angel,
So nothing can harm you.
I wasn’t too comfortable with my own handwriting so I used a font that looked similar to handwriting. I then traced the quote around a paper I cut to match the lid dimensions of my box.
celtic knot
I also found this cute Celtic shamrock shape on the net. Which happens to be one of the symbols of the Celtic Eternity Knot. It has no beginning and no ending. I’d like to think of it as a Love Knot.
I didn’t have any graphite paper to transfer the design to my box top so I used some pencil graphite power of my own. I shaded a shadow on the back side of my design paper.
Then I turned the paper right side up, and after aligning it to be centered, I proceeded to trace over my designs with a pen. I also pressed a little bit harder so as to leave an indentation on the box. It could help serve as a guide when I pull out the wood-burning tool.
That pencil you rubbed on the back of your paper has now served it’s purpose.
Once your entire design is in place pull out the wood-burning tool.
And trace away.
I kept the box simple with no side or front decorations, but sometimes I think simplicity can be charming.
I then used some very old Delta Acrylic Paints that I’ve had laying around the house for too many years to count. I mixed 1 part paint to 1 part water so that when I applied it to the box it would go on as more of a stain than a paint. This way I can still enjoy the wood grain designs found in the box.
I then added a darker stain to the Celtic symbol in the boxes center.
Also I used some different colors of paint to highlight little moon and sun symbols that I hid among the Irish blessing quote. My last step was to add a little glitter gel to the pictures so they would pop out a bit.
That’s it. I suppose you could varnish or seal your box. I like it the way it is.
Don’t forget to put it in your windowsill the evening before St. Patrick’s Day and who knows what treasures the little Leprechauns will leave you.
Happy St. Patrick’s Day

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Amanda said...

This is so beautiful. I will definitely be using this for my little daughter, and maybe even my older step daughter would like it! Thank you for the wonderful pictures on how to make it!