Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Leprechaun Crafts & Mischief


Our family happens to Love St. Patrick’s Day.  The wee folks have been alive and mischievous as ever around our neck of the woods for over a decade.  And every year our plans to trick them get more complicated.

The boys would always make Leprechaun traps when they were younger and now that they are older and a bit wiser they still help their little sisters enjoy the full blarney of the tricky day. 

Here are some of the fun St. Patrick’s Day Crafts and traditions we celebrate here at our home.

We always try and make some Leprechaun traps.  Here’s a fun idea from, you guessed it, Family Fun Magazine.  Click here to see.

leprechaun trap

Here’s another fun idea built by 7 yr. old Hannah and her dad.

leprechaun trap 2

Family Craft talks more about Hannah’s and other kids traps here.

Our whole adventure with the Leprechauns started after we read The Magic Treasure Box in the Family Fun Magazine in the early 2000’s.   .

Instead of making Treasure boxes out of shoe boxes I purchased a few little wooden boxes from the local craft store and a few different bottles of acrylic paint.  Together my kids and I sponge painted our boxes and used  a spring stamp set and gold ink pad to add little decorative touches.

The kids set out the boxes in their bedroom windows the night before St. Patrick’s Day and while they are asleep the tricky Leprechauns take their boxes and hide them around the house.  Inside is a little Leprechaun treasure: coins (real and chocolate), gems, stickers, jewelry, DS games, puzzles, little knick-knacks that I’ve  the wee folk have picked up over the past little while.  After Christmas and Valentine Day Holiday Sales are great places to find little treasures.  It doesn’t take the kids too long to find their boxes because the Leprechauns usually leave a little trail of greenery (clover) or footprints to mark their path.

Often the little wee mischief makers have also colored our milk green, or created some other prank for the kids to find.

So over the next couple of weeks plan for the wee ones to visit,  beware they are feisty and tricky so pay them the respect they deserve or they may bring the roof down on your heads.

Other fun ideas.  Skip to My Lou made some fun treasure Blarney Stones…

blarney stones

Crochet Shamrock clips for hair…

crochet shamrock hairclip

Green candied popcorn…

 green popcorn

and loads more at her fun site.

beaded leprechaun

Check out her her fun ideas and instructions Here.   

I’ll be sending more fun St. Patrick’s Day ideas you way over the next couple of weeks.  Until then, have some crafting fun.


princessmama said...

Looks like fun:) I am planning on doing leprechaun traps with the boys this year. We saw the idea in family fun mag. We'll see what they think of the idea. Those treasure boxes look like fun too. Right now the boys are obsessed with anything to do with treasure! I think I'll crochet some shamrocks for my mother-in-law. Her fav color is lime green and she loves st patricks day:) Thanks for all the fun ideas! said...

How fun! I love kid's St. Patty's crafts!