Monday, January 12, 2009

Valentine Clay Cookies Tutorial

2009 - winter 205

Making Bake-able Clay Cookies with your kids is just as much fun as making the real deal. Plus you consume ZERO calories which really makes this cookie worth creating. You can turn them into ornaments, purse charms or magnets. Perfect gifts for Valentines day.

We got the idea from Etsy crafter Melanie at Whimsical Creations. You might want to check out her cute items if you don't have the time to make your own.

This is a perfect activity to do with kids. You will be amazed at what they can create with their imaginations.

2009 - winter 208

Basic Supplies:

*Oven Bake Clay: Such as Sculpey III or Fimo (Found in most craft supply stores.

*A rolling device - rolling pin, acrylic roller made specifically for clay or a hand crank pasta machine.

*Various cutting devices: examples are small cookie cutters, a thick straight pin, or a clay cutter.

*Working surface: bendable cutting board, parchment paper, or a marble slab are all fine. A working surface that is smooth and can take the cutting without leaving marks is best. A ceramic tile is recommended.

*Optional tools for embellishments can be patterned sheets made specifically for clay crafts, stamps, charms (metal is best, as it has to be baked), plastic scrapbook decorations are O.k. if whatever you are baking is thin and won't be in the oven for to long. Or plastic embellishments can be glued to the piece once it is cooked. Permanent pen's for writing. A needle or awl for poking holes in your cookie. Glitter for an extra special magical touch and ribbon to hang your ornament or a magnet to adhere to the back.

Step One: You need to warm up your clay when you first take it out of the package, either with hand kneading or using a pasta machine.

2009 - winter 073

Step Two: Once your clay is flexible roll it out to desired width. If your going to be using a textured pattern or stamp on your clay then make your clay a little thicker because stamping it will spread it out a bit.

2009 - winter 105

Step Three: Once you have stamped your clay you can cut it out to it's desired shape with a cookie cutter, straight pin or clay cutting tool.

2009 - winter 074

Step Four: Once your have your basic shapes ready it's time to accessorize.

2009 - winter 077

You can cut and roll a thin strip of clay for lettering.

2009 - winter 088

Roll a fine rope carefully with your fingertips and add your lettering in cursive like this...

2009 - winter 091

Or trim a wider length for ruffling.

2009 - winter 078

Once you add the ruffle or lettering be sure and lightly press it into the basic clay shape.

Two small clay strings can also be twisted together for a fun rope affect.

2009 - winter 125

That you can use to edge or letter with.

2009 - winter 127

To make the marble effect with clay you would pinch off little pieces of two different colors of clay then blend them carefully using a roller. Don't blend them two much or you'll just end up with a lighter shade of your darker color.

You can cut out two different sizes of the same shape and stack them like this.

2009 - winter 120

A large blunt needle or awl can also give a little lace edge to your clay cookie when pushed in at regular intervals.

Your clay cookies can receive a nice deckled edge by carefully tearing the clay as well.

2009 - winter 111

Don't have a cookie cutter - then freehand some straight edges cuts like these and make a little love note.

2009 - winter 100

It looks like this once it's folded on itself.

2009 - winter 101

Adding different colors of clay and using different tools to carve designs in them can add an extra layer of detail to your cookies.

2009 - winter 093

Last of all add your plastic or metal charms. Press both into the clay. If it's metal then you can leave it on your clay cookie while baking if it's plastic - press it in to mark where you want it to go. Remove it, for baking, and replace the charm with clear-drying craft glue after baking.

2009 - winter 096

* Before you bake make sure you add a hole to your cookie with a large needle or awl, if you want to hang it as an ornament. Once it's baked it's too hard to add a nice hole without breaking your creation.

Bake in a well ventilated, preheated oven at 275 degrees. Bake 15 minutes for every 1/4 inch of clay. Use only a glass bottom pan - NOT metal. I typically baked my cookies for around 35 minutes. Don't leave them in too long or they can brown.

2009 - winter 123

After baking, let cool, then carefully pry them up with a flexible flat edge, like a metal spatula or even your clay cutting knife.

2009 - winter 173

Once they are cool you can add lettering with pens...

2009 - winter 137

And magnets or ribbon for hanging.

You and your kids will love this craft and it will be very hard to put away the clay. My kids didn't want to quit. Have fun and remember that although these clay cookies are not edible they are just as much fun as making the real thing.


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