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Household Planner - Health & Fitness

Speaking from experience here. I have struggled with my weight in the past. It is something I'm always aware of and always working on. In 2006 I tipped the scales at a whoppin' 232 lbs. I was also partially immobilized with Tremors that had me walking with a cane and prevented me from driving after dark. My husband and I then began the process of transforming our health. We saw Personal trainers, Dietitians, Doctors for both body and mind, attended group counseling sessions and basically started from scratch. Not only did we change our way of eating and exercise but we did it as a family. Our family lost a combined 180 lbs in 2007. I myself lost 67 lbs and am still moving on the direction of my goals. An added bonus for me was that my tremors decreased to the p0int of almost not being noticeable and I regained my nighttime mobility, participated in a couple of Sprint Triathlons and even a Half Marathon.

Here is my husband and me in 2006.

Picture 407

And here we are, with the same son in the above picture, at a 10K race we completed 1 1/2 years later...

Picture 362

It was an eye opening experience. Most of what we learned we've heard before so I'm going to share with you what made the biggest impact on me.

The number #1 Thing you can do to influence the direction of your goals is as simple as picking up a pen or pencil. Journaling Folks! Or Food Tracking.

I learned of a study done of people who had successful lost the weight they wanted to. Here is the sad fact: Only 2% of people who hit goal weight are able to keep the weight off. Don't despair - because there is a big however attached to that 2%. The people who tracked their food and exercise were 67% more likely to be successful than those who didn't.

So give yourself a 67% better chance of succeeding in all your goals by simply writing what it is your doing.

Spend a minute at mealtimes between bites of food (slows your eating down) and jot down what you're consuming. Also record how you feel: stuffed, still craving, satisfied. Make a note of when your next cravings hit. Before long you'll get a good picture of what your unhealthy trigger foods or emotions are and you can then make plans to avoid them or change your situation.

Don't skip this step. It could be the one that changes your life for the better. If you attend Weight Watchers - track your points, If you are doing this on your own then you could try this tracker.

household planner Fitness Weekly Calendar Medium

Click here for PDF version of Nutrition Calendar

Step #2 - Accountability - Tell as many people as you can how important it is for you to make this change and what your doing to make it. Have them help you if they can. You're much more likely to go to the gym if you know there is someone waiting for you to pick them up and take them too.

For my husband and I involving the family was key. I can't imagine how hard it would be to try and feed myself one thing and then turn around and feed the kids something totally unhealthy and not expect it to affect me.

Here's a list of ideas that you can do as a family to improve the overall health of everyone in your home.

household planner Fitness Checklist medium

Click Here for PDF Version of Family Health Calendar

Step #3 - Positive Reinforcement - Reward yourself for your successes, but don't reward yourself with food if at all possible. Some of the firsts I treated myself to while I was going through the process of losing weight were pedicures, hair coloring, new clothes etc.

If you have a bad day - concentrate on the two months of good days that you had before the one miserable failure. Focus on the positives and don't beat yourself to a pulp on the mistakes.

Step #4 - Reality - Good Health isn't just a diet - it's a way of life. The foods you eat, the exercise you do, are going to be part of your life for the rest of your life. Not just as a short term fix, so plan accordingly. If you want to add these to your Household Planner you could print out this form and add it to a sheet protector for your Health and Fitness section.

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Click here for PDF Health & Fitness section page.

Have a Happy and Healthy New Year


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I can't believe how much weight you've lost. You look amazing, Fawn!

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Thank you sooo much for sharing !! You look great!
Atte. Amanda call