Sunday, January 25, 2009

Household Planner - Finances


No doubt, with the economy and money wo's circulating the globe we are all extremely aware of finances right now.

I thought I'd introduce you to the finance section of my Household Planner. 

Financial expert I'm not, but common sense does not escape me.  I struggle with money.  Can't deny it.  So in an attempt to rein in the finances I've consumed many books and money publications about budgeting for the last umpteen years.  Then I created these pages to help myself get a handle on our family finances.

I also borrowed a bit from other people who've done some of the work for me.  

Steps for Gaining Control of your Finances 101.

Step 1: Collect all the financial statements you have.

2:  List all sources of income you may have

3:  List monthly expenses.  Better yet.  Take the last three months worth of expenses and average them out to give you a more accurate picture.

Better Budgeting . com supplies a basic worksheet for this purpose.  Click HERE.

4:  Break all your expenses down into two categories: Fixed and Variable.  Fixed means that they don't vary from month to month like Housing payments, and auto insurance.  Fixed expenses are also essential for maintaining to your way of life. Variable expenses fluctuate depending on living and spending habits like groceries, auto fuel, etc.  It is from the variable expense category that you can make most of your changes.

5.  Evaluate - Does your Expenses exceed your Income.  If so, then it's time for a money overhaul.

6.  Make adjustments to your spending plan.  Then don't just ignore it.  Follow through - be accountable to yourself.  You can use these pages to help you stay on top.

household planner budget medium

Click here for PDF copy of Four Week Expense Chart.

Household Planner Income and Savings Medium

Click here for PDF copy of Income & Savings Chart

And so you don't miss another bill payment deadline...

Household Planner Bill Pay Medium

Click here for PDF copy of Bill Pay Calendar

And if you want a divider page for this section of your planner you can print out this page and stick it in a page protector.

Household Planner Money title Medium

Click here for PDF copy of Money title page

Other places where you can find free downloadable finance worksheets are:


and here.

mom's budget

And if the thought of paper finances isn't up your alley.  Then check out ...

mint is a FREE online budget system that's fairly easy to understand.  It won Kiplinger's Magazine 'Best Budgeting Site / PC Magazine 'Editor's Choice Award' / and Money Magazine 'Top Choice' Award.

So here's to gaining control of your finances and to a prosperous year.

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Tink said...

Great ideas and thoughts! We are doing a $5 a week savings toward food storage. I posted a food storage plan to accumulate food storage for one who year for 2 at just $5 a week. I posted it to my blog