Thursday, January 29, 2009

Fun Tote and Purse Organizer Patterns

Purse Organizer

Can't find anything in your purse? Cell phone's ringing and you basically dump everything out trying to find it? Well Lolly over at The Giving Flower has created this wonderful little tutorial of a handy Purse Organizer that will have your purse organized in a jiffy. She's quite the clever lady.

purse organizer 1

Check out her tutorial here.

What I love about this tutorial is that she gives you guidelines to go ahead and custom make your own Purse Helpers. Go ahead and make a Helper for the diaper-bag, beach bag, or knitting bag. Use your imagination. Maybe you could get some matching fabric and make this cute tote to go along with your organizer.

Pink Tote bag

Dianne Hadaway over at Mama's has kindly given us all a free picture tutorial pattern for this gem. Team it up with a matching Purse Organizer and you've got a winner.

Click here for her tote tutorial.

SEW - get organized - will ya?


Dianne Hadaway said...

Hi there! Thank you for posting about my free pattern! I love your blog and will spend some time here getting to know you! I also love the other tutorial you posted about for the organizer. You can never have too many organizer tools can you?! Well, I know I can't anyway! I need all the help I can get!

Thanks again, if anyone has any questions about my tutorial, I'm totally available to help, just email me through the website. XOXO

Michelle said...

Hi! Thanks for posting about this purse organizer. I found it on a google search and I'm excited to use this tutorial! Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

I am very interested in the directions for the purse organizer. Are some of the directions missing ?How to add pockets?Etc?