Friday, January 9, 2009

Easy Cake Display Stand

Since my little Princess and I are planning a Valentine Tea party next month for her little friends we are thinking up ways to make it extra special and fancy without spending a pretty penny.

This is one of the projects we are going to try.  Can't you just see it covered with mini-sandwiches, and scones?  I'm too excited.

cake stand

The idea comes from Betz White over at Betz White Felted Wool Artfully Stitched.

Click here for her tutorial on DisplayDish Play.

 cake stand 1

I can't wait to visit our local thrift store now and have Princess help me with this project.  Betz has a lot of fun felted tutorials that my girls would love to try as well.  So don't forget to check out her blog.  She's also a cover girl.   In a fun Christmas swap  I got the best Craft Magazine.


That's Betz on the cover and I'm also excited to try making her bag.  It's fused together from around 4 grocery bags as is her hat.  What a crafty lady.  

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Anonymous said...

I really like this one. You can find some pretty one piece glass to put together at the $1 store or other discount stores. How fun Mom-ah