Friday, January 30, 2009

Classroom Valentine Day Ideas.

Valentines day is almost here and if you're tired of the same old candy - cardboard -classroom handouts. Here are some fun craft ideas that you and your child can create over the weekend to make their gifts one of a kind. Thanks to Family Fun dot com where oodles of fun craft ideas await the curious searcher. Below are some of my favorites.

For your Pre-school and Younger Grade school Child:

crayon hearts

Crayon Heart Instructions Here. Want to give a darling gift to the kids in your munchkin's pre-school class. Here's the perfect (non-hyper inducing) handout.

valentine putty

Putty in Your Hands Instructions - Dough you want to be mine instructions for making 24 heart putty balls for your child's class. This handout guarantee's no sugar rush. Many people commented that if you add a package of red Kool-aid to the recipe you get the coloring without the mess and have a fun scent as well.

heart ruler

You rule! instructions here.

Perfect gifts for the Pre-teen to Handout.

candy necklace

Captive Heart Necklace instructions here.

Heart Tunes

Rock Candy (Sweetheart Box disguise) instructions here.

Teacher Gift Ideas!

candy roses

Candy Roses for your Teacher. Instructions Here!

flower pot pencils

Flower Pot Pencils instructions here - Just in case you don't want the teacher to get a sugar rush as well.

or why not try giving her a gift that will keep on giving.


Instructions for the Sweet Pea Pot here. Don't forget to check out reader comments on these instructions. I loved the idea of using Forget-Me-Not Flowers instead.

Get started now. It's so much more fun to do with your kids now. Way too stressful to leave it for the night before. Have fun!


UK lass in US said...

I like the crayon heart idea - I'll keep my eye out for muffin tin.

Anonymous said...

We've created a site called ThirdAgeProductions. You could create a free printable card with each child's name on the front and a message from you on the inside.

Tink said...

These are all so cute! Thanks for sharing your ideas.