Monday, January 5, 2009

Best Whole Wheat Bread Recipes.

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I've been making whole wheat bread since I was big enough to be allowed in the kitchen.  And being that I was the oldest of seven kids I made a lot of bread.  I can very rarely ever remember buying store bought bread - as a youngster that is.

Then I got married and went the supermarket bread route for years - until our family decided to get healthy.  Now we make bread more than we buy it. 

For a long time I could never find a recipe that I was willing to stick to until I chanced upon The Family Homestead.

Mrs.  Crystal is the Goddess of all things Homestead and her bread recipes were just what I was looking for.  She shares my favorite (The six loaf version), and many others in her whole wheat kitchen.

Click here to view her Bread Kitchen.

I guess what I like best is this bread doesn't crumble to pieces when made into sandwiches for school lunches.  It's light, fluffy, and has the perfect taste.  Best of all it's fast and you only have to let the bread rise one time.

So if your looking to feed your family a bit healthier in 2009 you may want to visit  Crystal's  The Homestead Kitchen.  I know I'm sure glad I visited.

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